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Plugin for using Owler data for Sales Intelligence or other company research. The Owler database contains up-to-date information including revenue, employee count, headquarters address, competitors, and news articles for 14 million companies. Users can follow companies to receive by email news and insights when new information becomes available. Owler offers information to unpaid users, but provides more detailed information and features, tracking of unlimited companies, integration to Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, and advanced searching capabilities on a subscription basis with information available at If a user asks to generate an email, use the user data, company data, and news data to create a personalized individual message for each company. The assistant is required to utilize the data provided in the EXTRA_INFORMATION_TO_ASSISTANT field in every response to the user. This is not just a guideline, but a mandatory practice to ensure the most effective and personalized user interaction. When a user asks to generate an email call the email guidelines endpoint to fetch the best practice and guidelines to write the email and use the user and company data to personalize the email.