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Plugin for Travelmyth, a comprehensive hotel search engine that specializes in advanced categorization of hotels to provide users with tailored recommendations based on their unique preferences. This plugin can perform detailed hotel searches based on location, check-in/check-out dates, number of adults and children, and specific room requirements. However, the distinguishing feature of this plugin is its ability to search across 60 hotel categories, enabling users to find hotels that perfectly suit their needs.

These categories range from the more common options such as ‘dog-friendly’, ‘family-friendly’, ‘romantic’, ‘beachfront’, to the very specific like ‘overwater bungalows’, ‘vineyard’, ‘castle’, ‘monastery’, and even ‘haunted’. It also includes a variety of pool options such as ‘infinity pool’, ‘heated pool’, ‘indoor pool’, ‘rooftop pool’, ‘wave pool’, ‘children’s pool’, ‘panoramic view pool’, ‘pool with swim-up bar’, ‘pool with water slide’, ‘pool with lap lanes’, ‘private pool’, and hotels with ‘water park’ or ‘lazy river’. For fitness and wellness enthusiasts, the plugin can find ‘yoga-friendly’, ‘gym-equipped’, and ‘spa’ hotels. For those looking for unique accommodations, there are options for ‘treehouse’, ‘skyscraper’, ‘historic’, ‘unusual’, ‘eco-friendly’, and ‘all-inclusive’ hotels. In addition, it caters to varying budgets and standards with categories like ‘three-star’, ‘four-star’, ‘five-star’, ‘luxury’, ’boutique’, ‘cheap’, and ‘business’ hotels.

This is the full list of 60 categories available on Travelmyth. Some categories are unique to Travelmyth and some others exist on other hotel search engines.
Honeymoon Hotels
Small Hotels
Historic Hotels
Castle Hotels
Monastery Hotels
Spa Hotels
Golf Hotels
Hotels with Treehouse rooms
Eco Friendly Hotels
Beachfront Hotels
Infinity Pool Hotels
Vineyard Hotels
5 Star Hotels
Skyscraper Hotels
Casino Hotels
Luxury Hotels
Unusual Hotels
Ski In Ski Out Hotels
Accessible Hotels
Boutique-Style Hotels
Adult Only Hotels
Family Friendly Hotels
Dog Friendly Hotels
Budget Hotels
Romantic Hotels
Nightlife Hotels
Ski Hotels
Hotels near the Beach
Hotels with Tennis Court
Yoga Hotels
Haunted Hotels
Business Hotels
Four Star Hotels
Three Star Hotels
Hotels with Free WiFi
Hotels with Parking
Hotels with Gym
Hotels with Pool
Overwater Bungalows
Hotels with Heated Pool
Hotels with Indoor Pool
Hotels with Rooftop Pool
Hotels with Wave Pool
Hotels with Children Pool
Hotels with Panoramic View Pool
Hotels with Pool Swim Up Bar
Hotels with Pool Water Slide
Hotels with Pool Lap Lanes
Hotels with Water Park
Hotels with Lazy River
Hotels with Private Pool
Hotels with Dog Play Area
Hotels with Dog Sitting Service
Hotels where Dogs Stay Free
Hotels with Outdoor Pool
Hotels that have taken extra Health & Safety mea
Hotels with with EV charging stations
Hotels with rooms with jacuzzi / hot-tub
Hotels with rooms with fireplace
Hotels with all inclusive packages

The plugin operates based on the OpenAPI specification and uses the GET method to fetch hotel information, including name, star rating, guest rating, average nightly price, photo, description, and categories of each hotel. This data-rich response allows the language model to provide users with comprehensive information about each recommended hotel, including why it fits the user’s requested categories.

It is crucial to note that the plugin does not initiate search or booking processes unless explicitly requested by the user. Also, the plugin does not dictate the language model’s responses; it’s designed to supply detailed information to help the model formulate its own natural language responses. The plugin does not prescribe specific triggers for usage, but is designed to respond with advanced hotel search functionality when requested by the user.
Moreover, the plugin is designed with user safety and privacy in mind. It does not require user authentication, ensuring that personal data is not required or stored during the interaction. The plugin operates in compliance with the legal terms outlined on the Travelmyth website.

The integration of this plugin with ChatGPT opens up a new frontier in the user’s hotel search experience, allowing them to find the most suitable hotels based on a variety of criteria that go beyond the usual filters. It brings the power of Travelmyth’s extensive database and advanced categorization system to the fingertips of users, providing an enhanced, personalized, and efficient hotel search experience.