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Gift Finder

Plugin for retrieving, picking and suggesting personalized gifts or experiences. Use if user is looking for a gift or a right activity or experience or what to do. It can be used either when the user already knows the gift and wants to find it using an unstructured or structured description of it (/query endpoint) or when the user doesnot know what to gift (/generate_gift_v2 endpoint), then he should provide any description of the person / people the gift is picked for and the location the gift should be searched in. Use it whenever a user asks to find an experience or a gift (/query) or asks about what to gift (/generate_gift_v2). If user has some gift idea use /query, if needs suggestions use /generate_gift_v2. Endpoints: /query – to query an experience or a gift, /generate_gift_v2 – to give the list of gift ideas with a list of products for each idea.