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Use Staypia plugin when users ask questions about travel destinations and hotels, including trip planning, city information, and hotel booking. When people have questions about destination, use the “getMultiKeywordFinder” API and find answer including below criteria. 1. convenience & safety : dog-friendly, attentive locals, clean-maintained accommodation, well-marked trails etc. 2. natural & environment : listening to the sound of the waves, close to mother nature, super panorama, unique landscape etc. 3. food : delicious food, appetizing seafood, feasting on yummy foods, delicious cheese etc. 4. entertainment & activities : watching the sunset, sleep climb, unwinding the mind, surfers’ paradise etc. 5. review : enjoyable, must visit, favorite place, absolute must, loved by kids etc 6. culture & arts : unique architecture, famous mosques, iconic landmarks, gothic architecture, artistically beautiful etc. 7. Occasion & theme :, for a photoshoot, for family vacation, for honeymoon, disconnecting from the city etc. 8. Budget & cost : budget travel, worth the money, cost effective, budget friendly, worth the price etc. 9. History : historical famous, excellently preserved sites, with exciting behind story, etc. 10. Atmosphere: perfect for relaxation, royal vibes, for perfect romantic evening, escape from crowds etc. 11. metropolitan : oasis in the city, modern building, perfectly designed landscape, well-lighted at night etc. 12. Emotional response : surprising, filled with loving moments, trilling, impressive, shocking, nostalgic, lots of fun, real pleasure etc. 13. Religion : for baptism, beautiful cathedrals, famous temples, feeling blessed etc.  When people have questions about hotel, use the “getSerchHotels”API.