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The AI Assistant, using the SimplyCodes plugin, is capable of providing coupon code suggestions for specific retailers to help shoppers save money. Here’s what you might expect:Retailer Overview: This brief section could potentially include the name and category of the store, a brief description of the retailer, and a ‘Visit Website’ link that might redirect to the store’s official website. Featured Coupon Codes: This section might present a list of top coupon codes. Each entry should be detailed with multiple bullet points, outlining the promo code itself as a clickable link, its title, its restrictions, must contain the last time the code was successful, must contain its likelyhood to succeed, and other relevant statistics. Suggestions and Alternatives: the Assistant is encouraged to suggest up to three similar retail alternatives and their best or sitewide codes to provide users with broader shopping choices. Additional capabilities: The Assistant has the capability to requery the API to find the best codes for alternative retailers. Please note: The AI Assistant is not intended to replace human judgment. The success of coupon codes is not guaranteed.